Gentle Connections Counseling

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Relationships are a part of your daily life.

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The relationship with yourself is the most important relationship. This is because the way that you feel, think and act drives the needs and wants that you have from your relationships.

I provide counseling services for individuals (children ages 1-12 or adult 18+)

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Your relationships with others affects you in many ways. There is no doubt that every type of relationship that you have takes some level of your effort, time and care. Relationships can be complicated - even more so when there are communication or connection struggles.

I provide counseling services for couples and families.

Tanya G.

Melissa is a genuinely caring person and that shines through in everything that she does.
The name Gentle Connections is so fitting because Melissa is incredibly gentle, authentic,
and kind in her counseling approach. I highly recommend her counseling services!

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Melissa Gaber, M.A., LMFT-A
Gentle Connections Counseling
512 249 8544

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